A Directory to International LIS Education Accreditation Processes: Part II


LIS Accreditation
Received 2017-11-24
Accepted 2017-11-25
Published 2017-12-15
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Let us continue to look at the LIS education accreditation processes across the world in Part II of this directory. This time, readers will find information on the accreditation processes for higher education in general, and LIS education in particular in Ireland, Germany, and South Africa. In Ireland, the Library Association of Ireland (LAI) accredits only LIS programs that meet the academic quality assurance requirements of the state agency Quality and Qualifications Ireland (QQI). In South Africa, a LIS program provider will first contact the Library and Information Association of South Africa (LIASA) for input before submitting the accreditation application to The Council on Higher Education (CHE), the statutory body in South Africa for quality assurance in higher education. In Germany, the Accreditation Council is the central decision-making body that is responsible for the accreditation of all study programs of any disciplines in Germany. There is no specialized accreditation institution for LIS accreditations, and German Library Associations is not involved in the LIS education accreditation processes. 



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