International Journal of Librarianship 2023-09-16T00:12:03+00:00 Xiaoai Ren, Yongming Wang, Co-Editors-in-Chief Open Journal Systems <p align="justify" style="font-size: 16px;"><strong><em>The International Journal of Librarianship (IJoL)</em></strong>, a peer-reviewed open access journal of research and discussion dealing with all aspects of libraries and librarianship, welcomes articles relating to academic, research, public, school and special libraries and other information institutes.</p> Learning Cataloguing and Classification: Is It on Popular Massive Open Online Courses (MOOC) Platforms? 2023-06-30T18:46:05+00:00 Adebowale Adetayo <p>The paper explores if cataloguing and classification (CAT/CLASS) can be learnt on popular MOOC platforms and what can be done if nonexistent. Different MOOC platforms were explored with a concentration on EdX and Coursera. Literature on MOOCs was examined, and findings were reported. It was observed that some library science courses are available on MOOC platforms. However, no CAT/CLASS courses are available on EdX or Coursera. The majority of their library science courses did not cover the technical service aspects of librarianship. As a result, recommendations were made on how library stakeholders can play proactive roles in introducing CAT/CLASS to MOOC platforms. This is one of the first papers to examine the subject of CAT/CLASS on MOOC platforms.</p> 2023-09-16T00:00:00+00:00 Copyright (c) 2023 International Journal of Librarianship Librarians’ Attitudes, Needs, and Barriers to Participating in International Conferences: A Survey of ALA Members 2023-05-12T17:39:40+00:00 Grace Liu Shoshana Frank Elizabeth Dawson Olanike Olaniyi <p>This article presents the results of a survey of American Library Association (ALA) members exploring the interests, barriers, reasons, decision-influencing factors, support needs, and preferences of librarians in attending international conferences. The study reveals that although a majority of librarians expressed a strong interest in attending such conferences, more than half of them never or rarely participate, primarily due to a lack of institutional funding, which is more prevalent in public libraries. The primary reason for attending international conferences is to gain exposure to new perspectives and library practices in other countries. Factors such as the overall cost of the conference, its theme and reputation, and the availability of financial support also significantly influence librarians' participation decisions. To enhance and improve librarians' participation in international conferences, we recommend that professional institutions provide funding, advocacy, and informational support to help build their capabilities, networks, and awareness. Overall, the study highlights the significant potential for librarians to broaden their horizons and expand their professional development opportunities through attending international conferences and underscores the need for greater support and resources to facilitate their participation.</p> 2023-09-16T00:00:00+00:00 Copyright (c) 2023 International Journal of Librarianship The Development and Innovation of Archival Education in China under the Social Media Environment: Taking Archival WeChat Public Accounts Operated by Universities as an Example 2023-06-30T18:57:48+00:00 Yang Chen Yike Zhan <p>This paper conducts a thorough review of the current state of archival education within Mainland China. Furthermore, it endeavors to explore the future developmental trends of archival education within social media environments. To accomplish this, we examine the operation of WeChat public accounts of archives within Chinese universities as a prime example. The paper highlights the transformative role of social media on the conventional approach to archival education. Social media has fostered advancement and originality in archival education, broadened the scope and depth of its significance, and has had an unparalleled impact on its ongoing development. Nevertheless, the utilization of social media also poses a myriad of predicaments. The paramount difficulty we confront today pertains to how we can effectively harness the benefits of archival WeChat public accounts on a sustained and enduring basis, while ensuring their persistent existence and growth.</p> 2023-09-16T00:00:00+00:00 Copyright (c) 2023 International Journal of Librarianship Are You Local? Academic Library Hiring Prior to and During COVID-19 in the United States 2023-05-23T19:06:05+00:00 Andrea Quinn <p>Using only limited information, job candidates must assess academic libraries as prospective workplaces, while search committee members at academic libraries must make hiring decisions. Highlighting challenges that the pandemic posed to job seekers and search committee members, such as further limiting opportunities to gather information, this study compares a group of individuals hired by U.S. academic libraries before COVID-19 to a group of individuals hired by academic libraries during COVID-19. Results have implications for job seekers and hiring institutions, as they indicate that academic libraries hire more individuals with pre-existing ties to the state or region of the hiring institution and that the pandemic strengthened this tendency.</p> 2023-09-16T00:00:00+00:00 Copyright (c) 2023 International Journal of Librarianship Qualifications and Skills Required for Cataloging Positions in Academic Libraries 2023-06-26T01:06:17+00:00 Peng Mu <p>This research analyses cataloging librarian job advertisements in the United States academic libraries. The purpose is to find what skills and knowledge are required for cataloging positions in academic libraries. The results may help Library Information Science (LIS) educators develop new curricula and prepare students to meet the needs of prospective employers. The research will also help LIS students find jobs in the technical service area, and incumbent cataloging librarians promote their expertise.</p> 2023-09-16T00:00:00+00:00 Copyright (c) 2023 International Journal of Librarianship Influence of Librarians' Attitudes on Users' Patronage in Private University Libraries in Lagos State, Nigeria 2023-07-17T17:45:10+00:00 Juliana P Michael Olalekan Moses Olayemi <p>The study investigated the influence of librarians' attitudes on users' patronage in private university libraries in Lagos State, Nigeria. Survey design was used for the study. The study population comprised 5,616 undergraduates in five selected private university libraries in Lagos State, Nigeria. The sample size of 365 was determined using Research Advisor’s Table. Multi-stage sampling technique was used to select the participants and questionnaire was used to collect data. The collected data was analyzed using frequency, percentages, mean, standard deviation, and simple linear regression analysis was used to test the hypothesis. The findings of the study revealed that three dimensions of librarians’ job attitude measured; interpersonal relationship (M=3.28), professionalism (M=3.16), and perception and image (M=2.97) were all highly rated by the respondents. The study further revealed that the librarians’ attitudes significantly influenced library patronage of undergraduates in private university libraries in Lagos State, Nigeria (<em>R<sup>2</sup></em>= 0.034, β = 0.185, <em>t(</em>300) = 3.263, <em>p </em>&lt; 0.05). The study concluded that librarians’ attitudes had a significant influence on library patronage in private university libraries in Lagos State. Based on the outcome of the study, it is recommended that the librarians should increase their self-confidence by being proactive and strive to be in the forefront of university activities in order to gain more visibility and launder the image of their profession.</p> 2023-09-16T00:00:00+00:00 Copyright (c) 2023 International Journal of Librarianship Mobile Apps–Based Applications in Libraries and Information Centers: A Systematic Review of the Literature and Future Research Agendas 2023-06-26T01:02:14+00:00 B. P. Singh Margam Madhusudhan <p>Due to the worldwide rapid adoption of mobile-based applications in libraries to foster the delivery of information services on mobile devices of library users, there are vast and growing collections of peer-reviewed research and conference papers available in various online databases. Analyzing the literature related to mobile-based library services is one method to conduct future research to enhance library collections and services in the digital age. The primary goal of this paper is to review the most relevant literature in the field to better understand these previous research works, identify trends and to determine the research gaps for future studies. A comprehensive and systematic review of the literature on mobile-based applications in libraries and information centres of peer-reviewed research papers, and conference proceedings published in online databases (ProQuest-LISA and Web of Science) during the last seven years (2015–2022) was conducted for critical analysis and to address the present trends of mobile-based applications in these studies. We identified that many studies have described the use of mobile apps–based applications like Mobile Online Public Access Catalogue (MOPAC), Mobile websites, Mobile databases, WhatsApp, SMS, RSS, and Quick Response (QR) Codes in the enhancement of library collections and services around the globe. We observed that 75.93% of documents were published as research articles, and 42.59% of publications were identified under the two authorship patterns. Also, the authors investigated the current and future state of the research in this field by synthesizing the results of published high-quality experimental studies and systematic mapping studies on related disciplines. We hope that this study will be helpful for librarians and information professionals to better understand and implement the applications of mobile technologies for enhancement of library collections and services in the virtual world.</p> 2023-09-16T00:00:00+00:00 Copyright (c) 2023 International Journal of Librarianship An Issue Featuring Diverse Authors and Topics 2023-09-10T02:52:14+00:00 Xiaoai Ren 2023-09-16T00:00:00+00:00 Copyright (c) 2023 International Journal of Librarianship Book Review of Digital Transformative Library Collections and Services: A Smart Library Approach 2023-05-26T05:51:56+00:00 B. P. Singh <p><strong>Digital Transformative Library Collections and Services: A Smart Library Approach</strong> Edited by Dr. Nitin S Joshi and Dr. Baban K More, Agra, Social Development Federation, 2023. 276p. $39.5. ISBN: 978-81-953404-2-2.</p> 2023-09-16T00:00:00+00:00 Copyright (c) 2023 International Journal of Librarianship