Building a Specialized Database of the Culture of Yi People


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database building
Yi culture
Yi People
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Li, Q. (2017). Building a Specialized Database of the Culture of Yi People. International Journal of Librarianship, 2(2), 37–45.
Received 2017-10-08
Accepted 2017-12-08
Published 2017-12-15
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To build a specialized database with local characteristics is one of the future directions for the academic library at prefectural level in China. The academic library can play an important role in preserving the local cultures. It is also an important channel to establish the relationship between the academic library and the local communities. In selecting a project properly, it is important to understand its background, choose the right theme, determine the appropriate content, analyze the key relevant issues and potential problems, set clear goals, and find the right way to get the job done.  It is also important to establish a partnership with enterprises. It is important to build a database by the industrial standard, have persistent efforts, enrich, update the database continuously, and pay close attention to the effectiveness of the popularization and usage of the database.


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