Establishing a Vibrant Information Literacy Program in the Absence of Curriculum Mandate: A Case Study
Received 2017-07-18
Accepted 2017-10-12
Published 2017-12-15
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This article describes how the Skillman Library at Lafayette College uses internal grants to successfully integrate information literacy into upper-level courses. There is a general consensus among faculty grant recipients that integrating information literacy in their courses not only improves students’ skills as consumers of information but also helps students understand how scholars have answered questions in their particular field, and how the students themselves can contribute to the creation of knowledge. Due to their positive grant course experience, faculty members continue to build information literacy in their courses and are advocates for information literacy. The grant program created a culture of information literacy at Lafayette College and led to further pedagogical and curricular changes. It has also allowed librarians to venture into new territories such as studio art and expanded our involvement from guest lecturers to co-designing and co-teaching courses.


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