Factors Influencing the Choice of Librarianship as a Career Among Students in Tanzania

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Kanyika, M. (2022). Factors Influencing the Choice of Librarianship as a Career Among Students in Tanzania. International Journal of Librarianship, 7(2), 126–137. https://doi.org/10.23974/ijol.2022.vol7.2.254
Received 2022-08-22
Accepted 2022-10-10
Published 2022-12-15


This study examined factors influencing the choice of librarianship as a career among students in Tanzania. A quantitative research approach, the descriptive survey study design, was adopted for this study. Data was collected using online questionnaires. Microsoft Office Excel 2010 was used in analyzing quantitative data. The findings of this study showed that the majority of the students were not aware of the librarianship career path until they joined the library and information science program. The findings of the study further revealed job opportunities, personal interest, and desire for helping people among the factors influencing students to join librarianship. Moreover, the study findings showed that negative perceptions towards librarianship, nature of its work, and lack of appreciation from the employers and clients were the factors that discouraged many of the students from joining librarianship. In general, the study concluded that the majority of the students chose librarianship as the last option after being denied from other professions. Accordingly, the study recommends more means of making students aware of librarianship as a career path; for example, mentors and teachers are trusted by students and can help promote awareness about librarianship careers. Additionally, employers and clients are advised to better appreciate the efforts devoted by librarians as a whole.



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