Scoping the Chinese American Librarians Association Services with a National Survey


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Xiong, J. A., Gao, W., Wang, X., He, Y., Xue, L., & Huang, J. (2019). Scoping the Chinese American Librarians Association Services with a National Survey. International Journal of Librarianship, 4(1), 38–58.
Received 2018-12-25
Accepted 2019-04-04
Published 2019-07-30
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The Assessment and Evaluation Committee of the Chinese American Librarians Association (CALA) designed an online survey for its members in order to elicit various types of information. The primary goals of this survey were to facilitate a stronger organization by serving its members more efficiently and effectively. This survey was distributed to all members through CALA’s discussion list and website. The thirty three survey questions in six categories corresponded to the six areas of the CALA 2020 Strategic Plan. This article is a comprehensive report and analysis of the survey results. The survey data and conclusions may assist the board in gauging the level of CALA members’ awareness, perception, and usage of the association’s policies and services. It will also provide an understanding of its members’ level of satisfaction with the services provided by CALA. The findings of the survey can be used as an important reference for the association to better develop its future strategic plan and long-term goals, such as launching innovative and quality programs and services; using cutting-edge technologies to recruit and engage CALA members; creating professional development networking platforms; and promoting leadership training and services. The article will share the findings and interpretation of this survey in order to increase the awareness of issues, difficulties, and challenges with respect to organizational development.


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