Teamwork in Libraries

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Jiang, J. (2024). Teamwork in Libraries: 1R and 3Cs. International Journal of Librarianship, 9(1), 116–126.
Received 2024-02-01
Accepted 2024-03-11
Published 2024-04-29


This research paper examines the dynamics of teamwork in library settings, with a particular focus on addressing challenges related to cultural diversity through effective communication and collaboration. The study explores cross-cultural communication within library teams and proposes strategic solutions. Introducing the 1R (Respect) and 3Cs (Communication, Cooperation, Collaboration) framework, the author provides a guide for fostering successful teamwork. The paper offers practical insights and emphasizes the continual significance of these aspects to shape positive and collaborative work environments in libraries, ensuring the delivery of optimal services.


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