Manuscripts from Library to Museum: Malek National Library and Museum Institution

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Fardhosseini, M., & Morshedi, M. (2024). Manuscripts from Library to Museum: Malek National Library and Museum Institution. International Journal of Librarianship, 9(2), 79–86.
Received 2023-12-27
Accepted 2024-04-08
Published 2024-06-20


This article examines the library and museum of Malek institute (MNLMI), a cultural institution in Tehran, Iran, that preserves and displays a rich collection of manuscripts and historical artworks. The article explores how the MNLMI combines the perspectives and functions of libraries and museums to create a comprehensive and dynamic cultural space. The article also discusses the types and features of manuscripts, such as legal, liturgical, encyclopedic, and literary manuscripts, and how they reflect the Iranian heritage and civilization. The article analyzes the challenges and opportunities of the MNLMI in terms of conservation, digitization, publication, and outreach. The article concludes with some suggestions and recommendations for improving the situation and performance of the MNLMI, and for enhancing the cultural awareness and appreciation of its visitors.


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