Finding the Right Platform

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Guimont, C., Ball, C. E., & Vaughn, M. (2024). Finding the Right Platform : A Report on Building a Publishing Platform Crosswalk. International Journal of Librarianship, 8(4), 51–66.
Received 2023-08-30
Accepted 2023-12-19
Published 2024-01-31


This Report from the Field introduces a collaboratively authored set of documentation that compares digital publishing platforms that are typically used by library publishers. This report discusses how we created this set of crosswalks that compare 10 publishing platforms, most of which are academy-owned and open-source. These platforms are used to create eBooks, digital humanities projects, journals, collections, and community projects, and the crosswalks compare a set of common features each has, including hosting options and cost, ingestion options, interactivity, archive and preservation features, export options, accessibility, and other features. We walk readers through how to use this Creative-Commons-licensed tool to compare platforms, features, and project types, with the hopes that users (be they librarians or authors) can easily compare and make decisions about which platform might best suit their publishing needs.


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