Barriers in LIS Scholarship in India: Some observations

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Roy, M., & Chatterjee, S. (2024). Barriers in LIS Scholarship in India: Some observations: Some Observations. International Journal of Librarianship, 8(4), 114–127.
Received 2023-07-10
Accepted 2024-01-26
Published 2024-01-31


Although LIS research output, globally, has increased in recent years, why is there a dearth in LIS research from countries like India in the Global South? What barriers and challenges impede LIS researchers’ active participation in scholarly communications? Is there a bias against research output from the Global South? These are some of the questions that the author investigated with the help of ACRL’s Research and Scholarship Grant (2019 - 2020). The author collaborated with a librarian colleague in India at a second stage of the project to collect supplementary data. The second phase of the research was supported by the Marcia Tuttle International Travel Grant from NASIG (2020 - 2021). Important findings include the need for Open Access and training in academic writing standards which could help resolve some of the challenges. Learning from our Global South colleagues may assist with our work with international students and students from multiple backgrounds.


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