Influence of Librarians' Attitudes on Users' Patronage in Private University Libraries in Lagos State, Nigeria

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Michael, J. P., & Olayemi, O. M. (2023). Influence of Librarians’ Attitudes on Users’ Patronage in Private University Libraries in Lagos State, Nigeria. International Journal of Librarianship, 8(3), 69–82.
Received 2023-02-28
Accepted 2023-07-28
Published 2023-09-16


The study investigated the influence of librarians' attitudes on users' patronage in private university libraries in Lagos State, Nigeria. Survey design was used for the study. The study population comprised 5,616 undergraduates in five selected private university libraries in Lagos State, Nigeria. The sample size of 365 was determined using Research Advisor’s Table. Multi-stage sampling technique was used to select the participants and questionnaire was used to collect data. The collected data was analyzed using frequency, percentages, mean, standard deviation, and simple linear regression analysis was used to test the hypothesis. The findings of the study revealed that three dimensions of librarians’ job attitude measured; interpersonal relationship (M=3.28), professionalism (M=3.16), and perception and image (M=2.97) were all highly rated by the respondents. The study further revealed that the librarians’ attitudes significantly influenced library patronage of undergraduates in private university libraries in Lagos State, Nigeria (R2= 0.034, β = 0.185, t(300) = 3.263, p < 0.05). The study concluded that librarians’ attitudes had a significant influence on library patronage in private university libraries in Lagos State. Based on the outcome of the study, it is recommended that the librarians should increase their self-confidence by being proactive and strive to be in the forefront of university activities in order to gain more visibility and launder the image of their profession.


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