The Development and Innovation of Archival Education in China under the Social Media Environment: Taking Archival WeChat Public Accounts Operated by Universities as an Example

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Chen, Y., & Zhan, Y. (2023). The Development and Innovation of Archival Education in China under the Social Media Environment: Taking Archival WeChat Public Accounts Operated by Universities as an Example. International Journal of Librarianship, 8(3), 26–41.
Received 2023-02-28
Accepted 2023-07-04
Published 2023-09-16


This paper conducts a thorough review of the current state of archival education within Mainland China. Furthermore, it endeavors to explore the future developmental trends of archival education within social media environments. To accomplish this, we examine the operation of WeChat public accounts of archives within Chinese universities as a prime example. The paper highlights the transformative role of social media on the conventional approach to archival education. Social media has fostered advancement and originality in archival education, broadened the scope and depth of its significance, and has had an unparalleled impact on its ongoing development. Nevertheless, the utilization of social media also poses a myriad of predicaments. The paramount difficulty we confront today pertains to how we can effectively harness the benefits of archival WeChat public accounts on a sustained and enduring basis, while ensuring their persistent existence and growth.


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