Health Sciences Libraries As Universities Information Hub in Times of Health Emergencies

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Adetayo, A. J. (2023). Health Sciences Libraries As Universities Information Hub in Times of Health Emergencies: Emergence of Covid-19, MonkeyPox and Tomato Flu. International Journal of Librarianship, 8(1), 121–126.
Received 2023-01-01
Accepted 2023-01-18
Published 2023-03-30


The world has witnessed several viral outbreaks in recent years such as the covid-19 pandemic, monkeypox and tomato flu. These have caused a devastating effect on the communities that experience the outbreaks. As a result of these, being informed about diseases has become critical to preventing and curbing the spread of the diseases in communities, especially in academia. Health science libraries and librarians can serve vital informational roles in the fight toward eradicating and preventing future outbreaks. This paper presents the reasons and how health science librarians can achieve those important roles.


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