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Akinde, T. (2021). Local Content In Information Management: The Story of the Celebrated Content of the First University Library in Nigeria. International Journal of Librarianship, 6(1), 89–104. https://doi.org/10.23974/ijol.2021.vol6.1.177
Received 2020-10-09
Accepted 2021-01-25
Published 2021-07-10
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This article is an opinion paper on the pride of place of the nationally and internationally patronised and hence, celebrated contents of the Kenneth Dike Library (KDL) of the University of Ibadan, the first university library in Nigeria. The work traced the history of the Library from inception till date, emphasising the rarity, age, uniqueness and the yet relevancy of its contents in the face of the modern and emerging Information and Communications Technologies. The contents discussed include print and non-print materials (for instance, electronic resources and the institution’s repository, among others), artefacts, realia, pictures, drawings, processes, services, capacity, architecture, management and personnel deployed in the main and branch libraries of the University of Ibadan Library System. The author proffered reasons why the KDL is perceived the best among other university libraries in Nigeria and highlighted ten ‘firsts’ recorded by the Library in recent time which have further enhanced its reputation as the first and the best. The work concluded with a call on the private sector and good spirited individuals to support the federal government and the University of Ibadan towards achieving all the laudable goals of the KDL for now and the future.



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