The Use of Social Media Instagram to Disseminate Sustainable Information
Received 2020-09-09
Published 2020-12-16


Sustainable development does not depend only on changing the attitude of companies and government programs and projects, but it is essential that society is also sensitized and mobilized. Information sustainability is not a recent discussion, but it has been intensified in recent years and has become a focal point for scientific discussion. With technological advances, especially in the informational sphere, it is necessary that institutions that deal with information are in tune with their users in different environments. In this context, the use of social media by libraries is essential to relate to their audiences, who are increasingly immersed in digital culture. Currently, Instagram has more than 500 million users worldwide, making it a great informational and virtual engagement tool for library users. In this perspective, the profile @sustentabilidadeinformacional is presented in this study as a model for libraries to be more engaged with global objectives, according to actions developed and promoted by associative movements and library associations.


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