The Big Ten Academic Alliance Library Directors: An Exploratory Study of Leadership Development and Attainment


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Big Ten Academic Alliance Library Directors

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Le, B. P. (2019). The Big Ten Academic Alliance Library Directors: An Exploratory Study of Leadership Development and Attainment. International Journal of Librarianship, 4(1), 19–37.
Received 2019-02-14
Accepted 2019-06-28
Published 2019-07-30
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This study examines the managerial and leadership attributes of the 14 library directors of the Big Ten Academic Alliance’s universities prior to being appointed to their current positions. Special attention will be given to the managerial and leadership attributes that the decision-makers (e.g., university presidents, provosts, members of search committees, or members of the board of trustees) considered to be important. This study hopes to provide examples of leadership attributes that aspiring academic library leaders, especially those who desire to lead large academic and research libraries, may want to develop.


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